Virtual lessons are an easy and convenient way to learn a new instrument or just brush up on your skills. So, due to increasing demand for virtual classrooms, I have opened up my private music instruction to the entire English speaking world. I offer lessons in all categories listed on this site. Feel free to ask me about anything that is not listed. Periodically I add new instruments to my skillset. Contact meHERE for more details.

I use multiple cameras and screen share to give the student the best possible experience that they can receive. Guitarists will get a close up camera angle of my left hand as well as a wide shot of the entire guitar so that they can see what both of my hands are doing as I demonstrate a new technique or song for them. Piano students get an overhead shot to see the fingers on both hands as well as a wide shot of myself and the piano. It's a fantastic way to learn when travel to and from my studio is not an option. Contact me HERE for more details or to schedule your lessons today.